Q.  What is the difference in your “regular, large and family” meals?

A. Our “Regular” meal size is based on a 4 to 5oz meat portion, the “Large” is based on 6 to 7oz of the same and our Family size meal is packaged to feed a family of 4. The portion size is the same as our “Regular” meal portion. Unlike our individual meals, the “Family” size meal will not be packaged in a microwave ready plate or bowl. It will either be packaged in a sealed boil in bag packaging or aluminum containers. Packaging for the “Family” size will be determined by the meal. We would suggest the meals that are in aluminum containers be reheated in your conventional oven or contents removed and placed in a microwaveable container of your choice then reheated to your desired temperature. Both the “Regular and Large” size meals are individual servings.

Q.  Your portions are smaller than the portions I get at a restaurant. Why?

A. Yes, our portions are smaller than most restaurants. The reason why they are smaller is, MiMi J’s uses what the health/medical community considers to be “healthy” portions. Those portions are smaller than what we get from a restaurant. Although MiMi J’s makes no health claims we do believe in many cases the meals we eat out are way too large. Most are 2 to 2.5 servings and some even more. MiMi J’s meals are pretty much 1 serving to 1.5 servings. The servings will depend on the meal. Our “Regular” size meals are no less than 1 serving and may be just a wee bit over. Our “Large” meals are no less than 1.5 servings to just a bit over. If you are a big eater, our meal sizes may take some getting used to or it might just be that we are not the meal service for you. We do hope the latter is not the case. Our proteins are 4oz for the “Regular” size shrimp dish. The “Large” shrimp dish would weigh 6oz. A protein like chicken, beef or pork would be about 5oz for the “Regular” dish and 7oz for our “Large” dish. A fish dish would be approximately 6oz for the “Regular” and approximately 8oz for our large.  Our proteins are measured raw.

Q.  Can I substitute a side on the meal with another side I see on a different meal?

A. We do have some items that can be substituted. Those items are generally something like brown rice instead of white rice or a vegetable for a rice. These substitutions come with a charge. You will be charged $1 more for each meal you request a substitution for. As for if you can substitute for something on another dish? If you wish to have the green beans on Wednesday’s menu on your Monday order you can sub out the vegetable, but again, you will be charged $1 for this substitution. You will not be able to substitute something from Thursday’s meal. The reason you can’t substitute the item from Thursday is, we won’t have it in stock. MiMi J’s kitchen is stocked every 3 days to keep produce as fresh as possible. We don’t have a bulk of food stored in the kitchen like restaurants have.

Q.  I can’t schedule a delivery during the lunch hours on Mondays?

A.  Sorry for the inconvenience, but at this time we do not deliver during the lunch hour on Mondays. We do hope you will consider purchasing a dinner order. We would love the opportunity to bring our meals to you

Q.  I drove by the address listed for your business and could not find you? Is this a house or commercial location?

A.  It is a “commercial” kitchen, inspected by all governing authorities for Harris County. These include Harris County Public Health Inspector, Harris County Fire Marshall and the local water district.  We are located at 9337 Spring Cypress Rd., Spring, TX 77379. MiMi J’s Kitchen is located on the property of GleannLoch Storage. While some of the businesses on the property have visible store fronts MiMi J’s does not. We are located on the back side of the property, behind the security gate. Since we are primarily a delivery meal service we do not need a store front. You must have an appointment and gate code to enter the property. Please call us at 832-534-1104 if you ever wish to visit. For sanitary reasons you are not allowed in the “commercial” kitchen while in operation, but if you would like to see where your meals are prepared we would love to have you visit during a time when the kitchen is not preparing meals for our customers. When you call we will gladly set up and appointment for you to visit.

If your reason for driving to the address is to pick up your order you must call us prior to arriving so we can drive the van up to the outside of the property before you arrive. Your meal will be kept at the proper temperature inside the company van. You will be able to identify our van without question. It is a professionally wrapped van with our logo and name, as well as food photos.

Q.  How many calories are in each meal?

A.  Since we don’t typically use recipes when we create our “Homestyle” meals we do not provide nutritional facts.  If for medical reasons you need to follow a particular diet plan, please feel free to call us and make an appointment to discuss your needs.  If we can help we will and if we can’t, we will help you find someone who can.

Q.  I am a vegetarian.  Do you prepare vegetarian or vegan friendly meals?

A.  Yes, many of our meals are able to be consumed by our vegetarian friends.  The menu may not change up as often, but we will continue to work on meals for you.  Since we are not a casserole meal service we can remove an animal protein from the meal and add a substitute for that protein.  You will make the selection when choosing your meals. 

Q.  Are your meals Organic?

A.  No.  We use “organic” foods in our meals, but we can’t make the promise that we are 100% organic.  We want to provide reasonably priced meals to each and every one of our customers.  To do so we have to be selective over what we purchase in the fresh food arena.  Unfortunately buying 100% organic would mean our prices would increase tremendously.  The exception to not being 100% organic is our smoothies.  We only use organic fruits and vegetables when preparing them.  We do purchase foods that are non-GMO and hormone free.  You will always know what ingredients are used in making one of our meals.  Simple natural ingredients.

Q.  I have an event coming up and would like to have it catered.  Do you cater?

A.  We are more than happy to prepare a meal from our menu for 10 to 20 servings, but we are not caterers.  Please call the office for more assistance.  Catering is in our future, but for now we wish to concentrate on providing you with great tasting, healthier convenient meals.

Q.  Do I have to sign a contract to purchase your meals?

A. No.  We do not have contracts, but we do ask that all of our customers agree to our terms and conditions along with acknowledging that we are not a gluten, wheat, or nut free environment before finalizing their order.

Q.  I have food allergies and cannot consume products with Gluten in them.  Is your food Gluten Free?

A.  We are very sorry, but we will not be able to guarantee our meals are all gluten free. We are not a Gluten, Wheat or Nut Free Environment.

Q.  I have nut allergies.  Can I eat your meals?

A.  Unfortunately, we would ask that you not purchase from us as we use nuts in many of our desserts, snacks and some of our savory dishes.  This would mean that nut dust is everywhere.  Our commercial kitchen is not large enough to separate food type preparations.  We would not want you harmed in anyway, because we did not rid the kitchen of all allergens.  We will gladly help you locate a kitchen that can help you. We are not a Gluten, Wheat or Nut Free Environment.